Jireh Calo is a Filipina singer, pianist, composer, and arranger born and raised in Manila, Philippines, currently based in Boston. Her music is heavily influenced by jazz traditions, soul music, Latin Afro/Cuban rhythms, classical music, and a variety of world cultures. She made her debut into the Manila music scene as a singer-keyboardist at age 17 at the Boy Katindig Jazz Competition. From there, she began performing with other local indie bands and became active as a solo artist before finally forming her own jazz fusion band The Jireh Calo Project at age 18. ​ That same year, Jireh represented the Philippines at the 2014 World Youth Jazz Festival in Malaysia and within the same month, released her self-titled debut EP ‘Jireh‘ produced by Paolo Garcia.

In Spring 2015, she left the Philippines to pursue her bachelor’s in Contemporary Writing & Production at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. She completed her degree in 2017, graduating Summa Cum Laude. During her last year, she produced and released her second EP ‘Solid Ground’.

Aside from performing and making music, Jireh is also passionate about using the arts to educate, nurture, and uplift people in different communities. Jireh remains active today as an artist-educator, working closely with the youth, teaching music, and being deeply involved with her community. Currently, she is also pursuing her graduate degree in Contemporary Performance (Global Jazz Concentration) at the Berklee Global Jazz Institute in Boston.