An avid explorer of sound and rhythm, different world cultures and innovative approaches to music, Manila-born artist Jireh Calo considers herself an ever-evolving composer, arranger, and producer.  Growing up mostly self-taught, her music embraces the spirit of freedom and improvisation. Her music is heavily influenced by jazz traditions, African and Latin Afro/Cuban rhythms, classical music, and a variety of world traditions, including her own indigenous Filipino roots. 

Jireh remains active today as an artist-educator, performing and creating music while working closely with the youth, teaching and being deeply involved with her community. She has performed extensively around the Philippines and in Boston, where she is currently based, and has performed at international festivals in Malaysia, the Dominican Republic,  and Los Angeles. She holds a degree in Contemporary Writing in Production from the Berklee College of Music and is currently taking her master’s in Contemporary Performance (Global Jazz Concentration) at the Berklee Global Jazz Institute in Boston. 


“constantly exploring, ever-evolving”