Jireh Calo



filipina from manila

performs, writes and arranges music

constantly exploring new grooves in music and life

passionate about sharing and receiving knowledge 

aspires to live life to the fullest //





Solid Ground is a collection of songs born from experiences that have taught me to stay true to my heart while staying grounded amidst the challenges and changes that come with that.

All songs written, performed & produced by Jireh Calo. Available on Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, high definition 24-bit master and more.



An eclectic collection of songs born from different sources of inspiration that reflect who I am at the moment as an exploring musician. Melodies and rhythms from my head, lyrics from my notebook, brought to life in collaboration with Paolo Garcia and some of the most talented and seasoned session musicians in the Manila music scene.
Available on Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more.


Dominican Republic Jazz Festival

Spent a week in DR to teach, do outreach in the local community, and perform at the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival together with my friends from the Berklee Global Jazz Institute. Ended the festival night with an encore with Luciana Souza and Chico Pinheiro — incredible experience!


For bookings and inquiries: email us at  bookings@jirehcalomusic.com